My New Online Paper Store

Haven Paper Company

A Dream Come True

My About Page:
A little about me and why I’m so excited to open a store with paper products. This has been a dream of mine for some time now. I love all paper products and could actually be called a “paper snob”!

I am turned on by the smells of ordinary, non-scented, paper and am drawn to all sorts of paper items such as art paper, unique journals, beautiful adult coloring books and paper crafted things, like flowers, origami or cut and folded book pages.  I can’t just browse a few minutes in one of those specialty paper stores, rather, I’ll spend hours luxuriating in all those amazing things people have done with paper!

In my personal life, art has played a major part.  I’ve owned my own custom paint store (glazing, murals, faux painting and turning vinyl garage doors into a wood or copper look.)

I have also taught Art in an Elementary School as well as at a Senior Assisted Living Facility.  I also do Summer Art Camps for kids in my back yard each year. Art definitely includes lots of various forms of paper!

I’m super excited to get my very own Paper Store up and running and promise to search for the very best paper products I can find for your shopping and browsing pleasure.

I plan on posting regular blogs that will hopefully encourage and inspire you to get up, get out and dust off those dreams waiting to take flight.

“Do not forsake the dreams of thy youth”

Herman Melville 

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Author: Mary Catherine

• Published writer that used to contribute a monthly article on any given subject to my local newspaper. I am no longer doing this and miss it. • Owned my own custom paint store, "Wild Woods". I called it "wall art" that consisted of murals, glazing, faux painting and also painting vinyl garage doors to look like wood or metal; usually copper. • Have had an interesting past 14 years living off the grid in a remote area in Southern Utah near the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park in a progressive community that held many informative events with guest speakers, including a number of published authors, and hands-on exercises in various self-sufficient living. No longer living there. • I have another blog about grandparenting. This is a subject near and dear to my heart nowadays. *As part of "the sandwich generation", I was caught between helping my adults kids (usually with their kids) as well as caring for an elderly parent, my mother, who was suffering from dementia. I want to do some writing on the aspect of full time care givers to people with Alzheimer's as well. I feel I have learned a lot about this. ~ What a Juggling Act! Somewhere with all those balls up in the air, my own dreams had been put on hold for too long and now, after losing my mother just recently, and my grandkids in school, I hope to rekindle them. My husband and I are super busy doing major remodeling jobs on a house we purchased two years ago as well as extensive yard work. The house and yard projects, which include the restoration of an old cottage built in the 1800's that sits on the far, back corner of our three-fourths acre lot we own are keeping us both really busy. Amidst the ongoing projects, I try to squeeze in a moment here and there to work on my blogs. Creativity has always been an essential part of who I am and when I stop doing things like this, I feel like a robot mechanically moving around, just getting the necessities done. Art, Music, Writing, Gardening, Home Interior Decorating, Water Activities like swimming and kayaking are the things I crave and try to find time to do. We have to "make it a good day"!

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