Happy Birthday Cohen 11.5.22

Cohen is the youngest sibling in his family and I somehow feel this gave him a great drive to make sure although he was “the last”, he was never “the least”!

He has always strived to excel in everything he does, whether it is sports, music, school or whatever! He has heart and pours it completely into everything! He also has charisma! He is easy to be around, not hogging center stage but shining in the limelight through no effort on his part, he’s a natural!

Here’s to you, Cohen

Just adding some photos of Cohen over the years. I wish I had more to really capture this young man’s vibrant, gentle spirit. I hope my love and admiration will come through in this post! I adore you Cohen. I watch how you behave and am very proud of how you do things!

I did an art activity with the Prince Kids and was really impressed with Cohen’s finished product (on the left) of coloring a photo I change into a coloring page that the kids painted. I’m not sure of his age then, but he did an awesome job and I can see the David Milne (Cohen’s great, great, great grandfather’s art genes are still showing up in his family line!)

You come from good, pioneer stock, Cohen; on both sides, as I’m sure you know!

More Photos…

Fun at our annual Pioneer Day Celebration in Panaca

All boy! That is Cohen! He scrambled up that tree like it was second nature on a walk we took in his neighborhood once. He is so darn CUTE!!!

We love you, Cohen 💕

Author: Mary Catherine

• Published writer that used to contribute a monthly article on any given subject to my local newspaper. I am no longer doing this and miss it. • Owned my own custom paint store, "Wild Woods". I called it "wall art" that consisted of murals, glazing, faux painting and also painting vinyl garage doors to look like wood or metal; usually copper. • Have had an interesting past 14 years living off the grid in a remote area in Southern Utah near the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park in a progressive community that held many informative events with guest speakers, including a number of published authors, and hands-on exercises in various self-sufficient living. No longer living there. • I have another blog about grandparenting. This is a subject near and dear to my heart nowadays. *As part of "the sandwich generation", I was caught between helping my adults kids (usually with their kids) as well as caring for an elderly parent, my mother, who was suffering from dementia. I want to do some writing on the aspect of full time care givers to people with Alzheimer's as well. I feel I have learned a lot about this. ~ What a Juggling Act! Somewhere with all those balls up in the air, my own dreams had been put on hold for too long and now, after losing my mother just recently, and my grandkids in school, I hope to rekindle them. My husband and I are super busy doing major remodeling jobs on a house we purchased two years ago as well as extensive yard work. The house and yard projects, which include the restoration of an old cottage built in the 1800's that sits on the far, back corner of our three-fourths acre lot we own are keeping us both really busy. Amidst the ongoing projects, I try to squeeze in a moment here and there to work on my blogs. Creativity has always been an essential part of who I am and when I stop doing things like this, I feel like a robot mechanically moving around, just getting the necessities done. Art, Music, Writing, Gardening, Home Interior Decorating, Water Activities like swimming and kayaking are the things I crave and try to find time to do. We have to "make it a good day"!

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