Happy Birthday Mandy 11.9.22

Here’s some photos to post about my eldest daughter. After having 5 boys (!) I thought I was going to be an”all boy’s mom.” When the Dr told me Mandy was a girl, I actually thought he was kidding me, just to make me feel good. haha

I knew if I ever had a girl, I would name her after my maternal g’mother, Amanda Amelia Hannig. She was the best person I ever knew.

So, Mandy (being my first daughter) was given my chosen girl names and she became known to the world as Amanda Laurie Prince.

My precious red head baby girl…

Mandy was born with a lot of red pigment. so much so that the dr had her under a bilirubin light after she was born & we had to place her in a sunny window a lot during the day to help with whatever “danger” too much red pigment caused.

She has been special from the start. My first daughter and our only redhead! I loved Mandy’s curly red hair! I was so elated to have such a special baby! She was absolutely the sweetest, most precious gift a mother could ever want. Always good natured, she was an easy baby and good little girl to raise.

Mandy’s Namesake: Amanda Milne circa 1954

This family photo was taken in the same place as the original one, above, the one taken at G’ma & G’pa’s 50th Wedding Anniversary. Mandy is in the front, sitting on the grass. (It’s hard to make out the faces very well.)

Two Generations After 1st Photo Now, my kids (and my cousin’s kids) have children of their own. This was taken at “Gram’s” 94th birthday party, same location, with my kids and grandkids.

Photos on Mandy’s “timeline”…

A Family of Her Own

Mandy married Rick Romprey about 21 (?) years ago. They started out in Minnesota but, thankfully, moved “back home”; closer to family and have three beautiful daughters.

Mandy & Her Sisters

Girls with Grandma Irene on one of our many jaunts to Zion. “Those were the days!”

More Recent

Mandy has a lot going on. Girls come first. Everything revolves around & runs like clock-work, making sure things are flowing right with school and sports affiliations.

Then, came her schooling. Mandy graduated from Dixie University’s Nursing Program. This was a tough course and required a lot of time. While doing this, Mandy worked part time at Dixie Regional Hospital ER Lab as well as making sure her girls did good in school & got to their swim & gymnastic practices and meets. Whew! A lot going on.

Picking up the puppies

Mandy decided to get a Mini Schnauzer for the family. They only wanted one but ended up with a brother and sister. Black fluffy, wavy coats, they are beautiful! I was able to get the male, Lucky, about 5 or so years ago. He’s been such a blessing in my life.

Glad I got photos of bringing them home. A cute pic of Caitlin holding one on our trip back home. (I went with them.) That’s been over ten years ago! Wow! Lots of changes. Little kids are now graduating from high school & moving on.

This has been a long trip down Memory Lane. I’m glad I could tag along. These were the best of times!

Now, my final post, the old kitchen’s chalk board has been busy last month & this month! I didn’t realize how many family b’days came tumbling down one after another at this time of the year. This keeps me on my toes!

We love you💕

Author: Mary Catherine

• Published writer that used to contribute a monthly article on any given subject to my local newspaper. I am no longer doing this and miss it. • Owned my own custom paint store, "Wild Woods". I called it "wall art" that consisted of murals, glazing, faux painting and also painting vinyl garage doors to look like wood or metal; usually copper. • Have had an interesting past 14 years living off the grid in a remote area in Southern Utah near the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park in a progressive community that held many informative events with guest speakers, including a number of published authors, and hands-on exercises in various self-sufficient living. No longer living there. • I have another blog about grandparenting. This is a subject near and dear to my heart nowadays. *As part of "the sandwich generation", I was caught between helping my adults kids (usually with their kids) as well as caring for an elderly parent, my mother, who was suffering from dementia. I want to do some writing on the aspect of full time care givers to people with Alzheimer's as well. I feel I have learned a lot about this. ~ What a Juggling Act! Somewhere with all those balls up in the air, my own dreams had been put on hold for too long and now, after losing my mother just recently, and my grandkids in school, I hope to rekindle them. My husband and I are super busy doing major remodeling jobs on a house we purchased two years ago as well as extensive yard work. The house and yard projects, which include the restoration of an old cottage built in the 1800's that sits on the far, back corner of our three-fourths acre lot we own are keeping us both really busy. Amidst the ongoing projects, I try to squeeze in a moment here and there to work on my blogs. Creativity has always been an essential part of who I am and when I stop doing things like this, I feel like a robot mechanically moving around, just getting the necessities done. Art, Music, Writing, Gardening, Home Interior Decorating, Water Activities like swimming and kayaking are the things I crave and try to find time to do. We have to "make it a good day"!

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